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Here at, We are florists who have closely watched the changes occurring in the floral industry over the last ten years. Non-florists have now entered our industry and are selling flowers without actually having any floral experience. In researching current search engine sites on the Internet, a majority of the so-called "florists" listed are actually deceptive order gathering companies. While it appears they intend to assist both consumers and florists, they are actually soliciting orders for themselves. These telephone banks are not only taking profit from local florists, but are charging consumers extremely high service fees, while misrepresenting themselves as "florists". It is our intention to educate both consumers and florists in order to connect them and eliminate the middleman.

BENEFITS FOR THE CONSUMER: Many consumers prefer to order direct from a florist. In doing so, they are able to communicate one-on-one with the florist who fill actually be arranging and delivering their floral selection. Questions can be asked about floral selections, accurate prices are quoted, and middleman fees are eliminated.

BENEFITS FOR THE LOCAL FLORIST: Direct orders are more profitable for florists and provide the consumer with more value for their money. Superior customer service can be rewarded by repeat customers and referrals.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO BE LISTED? Any florists who has a real flower shop and is willing to fill incoming orders is eligible. Each flowers shop listed will be screened to assure they are indeed a real flower shop located where they claim and are maintaining acceptable standards required by both consumers and the floral industry as a whole. Listed florists are asked to assist in screening and are encourage to report florists they feel do not meet this criteria. Sending only companies, unable to fill orders, are not eligible.

HOW DO I ORDER FLOWERS? Once you have completed a search for the area you would like to send flowers simple select a florist and click on their name. You will order directly from this florist. You may contact most via telephone, fax, email or through a direct link to their web site.

WHAT ARE THE FEES? Florists pay to be listed on our site. Consumers are not charged a fee to use this site.

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