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Source Newspapers Article February 9 2003

Don't forget the flowers!

Florist helps men and women pick the perfect gift for Valentine's Day
By ANNE CRON - Staff Writer

It's the busiest single day of the year, according to Silver Fox Florist co-owner Bob Michaels, who sees approximately 3,000 orders fly through the door each Valentine's Day.

"This isn't like Christmas; there is no Valentine's Day 'season,'" Michaels said. "This is one single day and everyone wants roses."

Men looking to buy flowers for their significant others can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $50 or more for rose arrangements. Silver Fox Florist has been preparing for Feb. 14 since early December, when they began ordering vases and other Valentine's Day gifts. The florist also began creating new floral arrangements for the special day.

Customers at Silver Fox Florist can choose from 20 unique floral arrangements, as well as standard floral arrangements, mostly made with roses.

Silver Fox Florist also provides gifts for men. A large selection of hot sauces are available, from mild to "Spontaneous Combustion" and "Habanero Sauce," both of which come with a warning label. Men who are big on collecting may also enjoy the all-metal model motorcycles available at Silver Fox Florist.

Handmade chocolates are also available at the store. The chocolates are fresh and made with all natural ingredients. The chocolates are also kosher.

"The second week in January we went to a gift show and found a lot of unique gift ideas that we have brought here to the store," Michaels said. "We looked for new items that weren't out last year."

A wide selection of greeting cards is also offered at Silver Fox Florist. But Michaels reminds customers not to wait until the last minute to place an order.

"Sending flowers by Feb. 13 can make the customer's life easier and ours," Michaels said. "By waiting until the last minute, it's hard to guarantee that flowers will be delivered on time. The trucks have already been sent routes and may or may not have been to the area the customer wants it sent to when they make their order."

Customers purchasing an early Valentine's Day order may be making the right decision. If treated properly, roses can last up to 21 days. Michaels suggests the following to help keep roses as fresh as possible:

* Don't leave roses out of water for any length of time. Each time roses are brought out of water, air is brought in through the stem, causing the stems to wilt and roses to droop.

* Cut the stem with a sharp knife, not scissors, each time they are placed in new water. Long-stemmed roses are recommended because they can be cut again and again before they become too short.

* Change the water every 4-5 days or when the water is no longer clear. By keeping only the rose stems in the water and not the green fillers, the water will stay clearer longer.

* Keep the roses free of excessive heat, including the top of the television, under a vent or in direct sunlight. Keeping roses away from drafts will also keep them fresher longer.

Silver Fox Florist is located at 38341 Dodge Park Road in Sterling Heights. To place an order with Silver Fox Florist, stop in or call 979-9039. Orders can also be made online at



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