Beware of deceptive florist on the Internet!

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Deceptive Florist & Unfair Floral Practices

Beware of deceptive florist on the Internet. Don't be fooled by deceptive florist using deceptive advertising that appears to be a local florist!

Many of you will be sending flowers to someone special during this year. When you click on that florist website, you should beware that not all florist website are alike.

When ordering flowers, check the address of the local florist. If the florist website does not include a physical address, chances are that business is not a local florist. Beware of deceptive florist on the Internet, even if the name of the florist website includes the name of the city you are searching for a floral delivery. Many deceptive florist from out of town will advertise using misleading names to give you the impression they are a local florist.

Concerns of deceptive florist and unfair floral practice issues need to be addressed, but there seems to be no other legal cases with which to set precedence. Therefore wishes to offer consumer alerts.

Deceptive florist have bought deceptive florist phonebook listings throughout the US in both the white pages and yellow pages of the telephone books, both in print and on the Internet. Many times this listing appears to be a local florist, but are forwarding calls to a call center posing as a local florist. Upon taking your flower order, they transfer that flower order back to the local florist for delivery. Both businesses need to make a profit, so the consumer is charged higher prices, and an unnecessary service fee. The local florist is charged a commission percentage of the sale by the deceptive florist call center. For example, if you order a $50 arrangement from a deceptive florist, after deducting their charges and service fees, perhaps only a $30 arrangement is actually delivered. Many times, the local florist is blamed. Your disappointment in the flower order is in fact the result of deceptive advertising by the deceptive florist..

Deceptive florists and telemarketers imply they are real local florist in that major city, but they are not!

Real local florist will list both a local phone number and a toll free phone number.
Real local florist are better able to handle the consumer's needs.

If you want to save money, make sure the local florist website is a real local florist.

We have real local florist with a real flower shops listed in the iLocalFlorist directory, not order gathers. Come visit our real local florist and their real flower shop.

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